Numbers of Ministerial Staff by State and Territory in 2011-12

Numbers of Ministerial staff drawn from the most recent, most authoritative source publicly available (Post updated after Queensland figures were updated in week of 8 October 2012)

New South Wales: 185.27  (as at 29 June 2012)

(Source: NSW’s Department of Premier and Cabinet releases numbers of Ministerial staff as at the end of June and end of December each year on its website; but has generally not enabled access to previous staffing figures once the most up to date figures are provided.

However, with the most recent release (for 29 June 2012 [Pdf]), the site now, for some reason, also provides the staffing allocation for the final reporting period of the Keneally Government, as at 17 December 2010 [Pdf]).

Victoria: 126 (as at 5 April 2011)

(Source: Answer provided to Questions on Notice, Legislative Council, 28 March 2012, Hansard Extracts, p. 1851 [Pdf])

Queensland: 212 positions, with 194 filled (as at 30 June 2012)

(Source: Queensland’s Department of Premier and Cabinet reports Ministerial Workforce numbers every three months )

South Australia: 107 (as at 2 July 2012)

(Source: The South Australian Government Gazette, 5 July 2012, pp 3011-6 [Pdf]

Inter alia, s. 71  of the Public Sector Act 2009 (SA) states that:

(5) The Premier must cause a report to be prepared not less frequently than once every 12 months setting out with respect to each Minister—
(a) details of the engagement of persons as members of the Minister’s personal staff under this section (other than those described in previous reports under this section); and
(b) the number of persons for the time being employed on the Minister’s personal staff under this section; and
(c) the remuneration and other conditions of employment of each person for the time being employed on the Minister’s personal staff under this section.

(6) A report under subsection (5) must—
(a) be published in the Gazette next issued after its presentation to the Premier; and
(b) be laid before each House of Parliament within 12 sitting days after preparation of the report.

Western Australia: 221.8 (as at “April 2012”)

(Source: Answer given by Director General of WA Department of Premier and Cabinet in answer to a question without notice at Estimates, 29 May 2012, Assembly Hansard “Extract” p. 2 [Pdf]”

The Western Australian Government has also tabled a schedule of Ministerial staffers and their entitlements, as of 26 April 2012 [Pdf])

Tasmania: 99 (as at 7 September 2011)

(Source: Data from response, dated 27 september 2011, from Department of Premier and Cabinet, to a “Right to Information” request [Pdf])

Australian Capital Territory: 40 (in 2011-2); Budget allocation for 36 for 2012-13.

(Source: “Estimated Employment Level” for ACT Executive in Budget Paper No. 4, 2012-13 Budget, p. 15 [Pdf]

Northern Territory: Unable to obtain figures.

Total Reported State and Territory Ministerial Staffers (2011-12): 991.07

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