Position Vacant: Liberal Party Chaperone

After Richard Nixon had resigned in the Summer of 1974, the newspaper that gave him the most grief over Watergate prepared a special poster. Underneath a picture of the gleaming new President, Gerald Ford, the poster read “I Got My Job Through The Washington Post”.

Well, it looks like the new Manager – Party Affairs of the NSW Liberals will be selected through a recruitment agency.

It has long struck me that, for good or ill, Labor rarely goes outside the Party to get its staff. (In fact, good rule of thumb when you see a Labor MP advertising for electorate staff in the paper [redacted].)

But the Liberals, on the other hand, are going outside the organisation and getting Randstad to get the process rolling. (I suppose it’s one way of keeping the factions out of the process – at least at the outset.) But somehow, I can’t quite imagine the ALP getting someone from, say, the likes of Drake Recruiting to get someone to look after the N40s.

Anyway. Randstad’s pitch is that “This a rare and exciting opportunity to work with the NSW Government. “

Now I’m not sure the Government will want to have it suggested that the Liberal’s internal Torquemada has that close a relationship with it.

However, if you’re keen, for a nice $130K, you can:

  • spend your days and nights to-ing and fro-ing from selection committee to branch meetings (dare one say, stacks of meetings?);
  • providing advice on the Party Constitution, draft rulings and responses on internal party matters and act as Secretary to the Disputes Panel (such a role is usually referred to as the “lightening rod”); and
  • “always look to improve the service provided to members and party units.” Love the customer focus talk, but I wonder what that would have meant during the nasty factional battles of the early 1980s.

You will also be responsibile for managing the various preselection processes. But I reckon, following precedent, you could get Randstad to do the hard work there. Gives “multiple recruitment” a whole new gloss.

Interested? Well get your CV ready. Oh, just one thing. You need to have “impartiality to certain political views”. What might those views be? I imagine this will be fascinating to discuss with the recruitment consultant.

Just to let you know, I am considering putting a call in, but first I’m wanting to arrange a Michael Yabsley style incentive arrangement. Good luck!

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