Losers Lounge: An Apology of Sorts

In recent weeks, it has come to our attention that a less than respectful appellation for the august Legislative Council has been referred to or applied in the Parliament and Press.

For instance, the SMH’s political correspondent Sean Nicholl had cause to note that:

The Legislative Council – rather cruelly nicknamed the “loser’s lounge” by some .. 

Subsequently, the Deputy Leader of the Government in the Council, and Minister for Much, Duncan Gay, departed from his answer to a Question With Insufficient Notice, to observe:

The Hon Eric Roozendaal would know about feral animals. It is 50 days until he gets his superannuation. Welcome back to the losers lounge!

The PRESIDENT: Order! The Hon. Eric Roozendaal will come to order.

The Hon. DUNCAN GAY: The Hon Eric Roozendaal has a first-class ticket sitting on the losers lounge.

(However,  I do believe that Mr Gay qualifies the reference by applying it only to those opposite.)

So last week, Mr Gay unkindly referred to a defeated ALP Minister returning to the Parliament to fill a casual vacancy in the Council, as:

By recycling them onto the lounges, it becomes a loser’s lounge on the Labor side of the house.

I do have cause to believe that my earlier incarnation may be responsible for this phrase. In that case, I wish to state that “Losers Lounge” was created and applied to the whole chamber simply out of respect and affection. And that any future references are similarly intended with respect and affection).

(And as any royalties would be pitiful, I will settle for an offer of employment).

(And I thank the people who prepare Hansard for my understanding that there is to be no possessive apostrophe, either in the singular or plural. I had sweated over the proper form and substance. SMH and ABC subbies take note).

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